Tips On How To Choose The Best Cat Flea Medicine

No cat owner would like to see their cat miserable from flea infestation. To have to watch your cat itch and lose weight because of fleas and ticks is not something cat owners would like to go through. That is why many go to great lengths to ensure that their cat is comfortable. How then do you choose the best cat medicine? Luckily the guidelines are not rocketed science, and any cat owner can benefit from them.


The first thing to consider is the components of the medicine. Some chemicals can cause adverse effects to your cat. This can happen when dog flea medicine is used on a cat. Many tend to think that because some of the dog medicine is used on cats and vice versa that the same could be done for flea medicine. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dog flea medicine has certain chemicals that can cause the death of your cat.


You also need to know how effective the medicine is when exposed to water. This is especially useful information when you have a cat that loves to play in water. You would not want to leave your cat unprotected because the effects of the medicine, has been washed a way.


The usage of the flea medicine from for your cat is also important. You need to know how to use the medicine on your cat seeing that there are many dosage forms such as tablets, shampoos, medicated collar to name but a few. If you know its usage, you will be able to administer it correctly. Always go for medicine whose usage you prefer and is convenient for you and your cat. There is no point in having pills when your cat hates pills. You could always go for a flea collar which is more convenient.

Consider, also, the age of the cat. Just like in humans, certain medicines are not meant for cats of a certain age. You need to have that information so that you do not expose your cat to unnecessary harm. You may also check and read more about flea medicine at


Make sure that the medicine is safe for human beings as well especially if it stays on the fur of your cat or its collar. This is because it may be safe for your cat but cause toxicity and carcinogenicity in humans. Therefore be on the lookout.


Always consult with your veterinary if ever you are not sure on any issue concerning flea medicine. It would be better to get professional assistance so that you do not make mistakes that would cause your cat severe harm. Read about some details on pet action plus vs frontline plus here.